The best usb mics: Blue Microphones Yeti USB

Yeti USB microphone - the best mic

If you are looking for a USB condenser mic with a lot of features, then Yeti USB Microphone is definitely your best bet. This $119 USB mic has more features than a standard condenser mic. According to specialized websites like coremic, Yeti is the best mic you can buy for around $100. There is no doubt about it.  A lot of people have this mic and are very pleased with its performances.  The retailer and professional reviews agree with Coremic’s decision to place this mic on the top of the list. The Yeti USB has a solid build, that mellow sound everyone is looking for and so many features that are not present in most expensive mics.

The blinded test decided to record the same audio sample with some of the best USB microphones in the industry. Along with Blue Yeti, the list consists in MXL Tempo, MXL Studio 24, MXL 009, Blue Yeti Pro, Blue Nessi and AT2020 USB, Apogee MiC Test, Shure PG42-USB. So, I asked some of my friends to hear all the recordings and come up with top 3 mics based on the audio quality. Of course, they did not knew which was the name of the mics, they could evaluate only by recording. So, when I’ve finished the test, I came to the conclusion that Blue Yeti USB mic came first. I’m not going to reveal the second and third place, since I’m going to review them later on. All I’m going to say is that Blue Yeti is definitely the best USB mic out there.

The features
If the price or the audio quality was not enough for you to agree with my finding, I will add some of the features of this great mic. First, there is the zero latency for headphone input, which means that you can listen to the voice in your headphone while you record. Next, there is the level gain control which allows you to add more power to the recorded voice (if needed). Yeti also features the master volume control, a mute button and 4 pickup pattern choices: cardioid, stereo, omni, bidirectional. There is no need to buy that desktop mic stand, since this mic comes with a removable table stand.

The sound

I can talk for days about its quality, but why should you trust me? Just press play and see what this mic is all about. The sound is clean, with a great presence and sounds like being recorded with an expensive mic (right ?!).


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